About us

It is important to boost children’s imagination, especially during their formative years. WUMBA creates something that is completely different. 5 animals, the magic of magnets, multiple blocks, loads of different and fun combinations and, most importantly, safety – it can’t get better than this! 



What do a crocodile, an elephant, a giraffe, a lion and a zebra have in common? They are all WUMBA – the world’s one and only collection of unique magnetic wooden toys. Consisting of 3 wooden blocks, each animal can be assembled in multiple ways. But there’s more! Although each animal has a different shape, they all have the same radius and smart magnet polarity, making the blocks interchangeable. With this feature, there is virtually no limit to the number of mix and match combinations. In short, kids can build as many wooden toy animals as they want! The fun never ends! 



Not only is it fun to see what kids come up with, but parents can also rest assured that these magnetic wooden toys with their smooth edges are completely safe. Made of natural solid Ukrainian beech wood, WUMBA uses lead-free magnets and water-based paints. It is also impossible to see, touch or extract the magnets, so there is no danger of a child swallowing them. 


The WUMBA Team of Kirill Lewin, Olga Kotyck, and Sergei Kleimenov are dedicated toy people. We love kids and we love their toys, that is why we believe in creating interesting, playful and safe products that boost creativity and imagination. We adore wood. We have fallen in love with these wooden building toys. We built a whole production process from scratch to make these cute animals.


If you prefer natural toys with high innovative play value and if you love this project as much as we do, please support us and let’s make WUMBA happen together!